Welcome to
In Search of Flavour.

We are a creative agency that specialises in the beverage and culinary World.

We capture and share Premium Experiences across Incredible Places.

We are searching for Flavours coming from Artisans, Bars, Chefs, Markets, Restaurants, Suppliers and the People that make it all happen. 

The idea is to create and share high quality projects. We do this by bringing brilliant professionals while using the best equipment.

Our plan starts with a Mobile and Social First Content Strategy built with the audience and brands point of view.

We have a mission to bring the flavours to our audience by offering the specialised solutions to our Brands and Partners.


Our projects are carefully selected as we have a focused approach to the different categories.

Each project category is about that industry, the ingredients and tools combined with the professionals that make it all come together. 

We took this approach to showcase the Brands and the Objective.

Each category has it’s own page designed with the purpose of showcasing the Brands and People. 

The grid shown below outlines our vision for the Seach of Flavour.

What We Do

We search for flavours and tastes across different cities.

Each Brand and Experience is selected to make sure the content matches the high standard we aim to showcase.

Our team captures and shares these moments using photo and video to tell the story.

We have a Mobile and Social First strategy to bring the content to our audience and brands.

The photo grid below shows each page specific to what we do.

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